Building Sector

Building Sector

Analyzes and laboratory tests for the building and infrastructure sector


By taking into account the reglementary requirements that the building industry and urban infrastructure must meet, your challenge is to design smart buildings while reducing energy consumption, optimizing workplaces and construction cost (raw material, equipement, …). In addition, safety has become a strategic issue in the design and construction of buildings. You must therefore develop products and systems providing users comforts and preserving the integrity of buildings.
By developing solutions that improve the material properties used in this kind of infrastructures and also guarantying the comfort and security of users, you are subscribing to the “smart building” approach.
By testing and analyzing your products, you can ensure their performance and reliability and validate that yours products are in accordance with the requirements of the safety standards governing your sector. It also allows a best management of your process efficiency, your maintenance costs and energy and raw material consumption.


Thanks to its highly qualified staff and experts, human dimension and reactivity, SFC has a wide range of exceptional equipment develop by our teams to assist you in your analysis, testing and development of methods, processes or materials.
Self-sufficiency laboratory, we are placed in a strategic and convenient location. With our 1.500 sqm laboratories surface area, 35 multi-sector highly qualified experts can effectively respond to your technical needs.
Our quality management policy, based on continuous improvement processes, pushes SFC’s teams to satisfy at best the requests of our customers according to the most rigorous standards.

Thanks to our more than 90 years experiences of supporting projects, we offer to contribute to your aeronautical developments on many services:

  • Material characterizations (polymers, composites, metals, ceramics, etc.)
  • Chemical analyzes (resins, oils, etc.)
  • Dimensional analyzes
  • Thermal analyzes
  • Identification of pollutants
  • Failure analyzes
  • Tests on finished products
  • Audits
  • Research & Development applied on new materials properties, manufacturing processes and characterization methods
  • Documentation search and survey
  • Other tailor-made service offers

To support companies operating in sectors with technology-intensive fields, our skills are multidisciplinary.
Find the other sectors of activity for which SFC has strategic assets in terms of project support.

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