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Thanks to its significant experience in the study of materials and finished products, SFC supports several manufacturing corporates in the qualification of their product through tests allowing a general characterization of materials, compliance with standards requirements, aptitude tests under real conditions, benchmarking, technical support…

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Cookware tests room

Various experimental devices. Performance tests of non-stick coatings.


Verification of compliance with the requirements of standard NF D21-511.
Verification of safety and thermal performance requirements according to standards NF EN 12983-1 and NF EN 12983-3.
Various equipment are available to carry out the performance tests of non-stick coatings according to standard NF D21-511 and the tests related to the safety and thermal performance requirements for household cookware specified by European standards NF EN 12983-1 and NF EN 12983-3:

  • Several heating sources (gas, electric hob, vitroceramic, induction),
  • Hood,
  • Oven,
  • Abrasion machine,
  • Fridge,
  • Freezer,
  • Microwave oven,
  • Dishwasher.

SFC also has developed testing devices to determine the mechanical resistance of the accessories (handle) fitted to cookware:

    • Handle fatigue test
    • Torsion bench
    • Bending strength test

Metal knife scratching

Internal method. Flat ceramic and glass articles. Behaviour in marking or scratching.

An internal method has been developed within SFC to study the behaviour of the specimen with marking or scratching likely to be caused by the action of knives.
This experimental device simulates conditions close to the reality of use and allows:

  • To evaluate the scratch resistance according to the applied load and to the number of the knife’s passes on the specimen.
  • To check the presence of defects: metallic traces (marking) or scratch.

Charpy impact test

Verification of resistance to impact resistance according to the requirements of standard NF EN 12980.

Some ceramic household products such as plates, dishes and cups are subject to multiple shocks on a daily basis. Especially in the case of restoration where these articles are used intensively. They must withstand the repeated shocks.
SFC has a pendulum swinging to determine the resistance to mechanical shocks of articles according to standard NF EN 12980.
Several configurations are possible with our pendulum allowing testing different types of materials, of different shape and size.

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