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Thanks to its significant experience in the characterization of materials and finished products, SFC supports manufacturers in the qualification of their products through tests to determine their properties.

Essai sur receveur de douche

The tests performed by SFC’s teams are carried out according to French, European or international standards or regulations, or according to specifications defined with its customers.

Find all the services of SFC’s testing platform concerning sanitary equipment in its catalog (in french).

The test platform offers a wide range of specific equipment.

Banc de fonctionnement des wc

WC pans operating bench

Internal development.
Function tests of the cuvettes.
Pedestal or suspended basins.

Essai glissance receveur carreaux carrelage

Slip resistance of pedestrian surface

SFC has a level and torsion-free platform to look after your needs.
In a context of continual improvement, a new bench is being developed.

Essai sur receveur de douche

Water absorption tank

TABER abrasion

Banc de choc thermique sur produits sanitaires

Thermal shock bench

Shower trays, bathtubs, wash basins and sinks.
Resistance to temperature variations.
Customized specifications or according to standards.

BAYER lantern

Static load bench

TABER scratches

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