Chemical analyzes

Chemical analyzes

Sophie Auclerc

Sophie Auclerc

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Thanks to its significant experience in the study of materials and finished products, SFC supports manufacturers in the analysis and expertise of their materials through adapted tests.
The analysis laboratory offers a wide range of equipment regularly renewed and checked.

Elementary composition analyzes

Quality controls

Pollutants or impurities research

Material expertise following a failure

Chemical analyzes following a failure

Deformulations of products

Training on the methods developed

Benchmarking studies

Validations of methods transferable to the client

Development of test methods

Method validations

Regulatory survey

The tests proposed by SFC teams are carried out with reference to French, European or international standards or regulations, or according to specifications defined with its customers.

Spectromètre de Fluorescence X

Fluorescence X Spectrometer

Spectromètre d'émission plasma ICP MS

ICP MS plasma emission spectrometer

Spectrophotomètre UV

UV Spectrophotometer

Four haute température

High temperature kiln

Spectromètre ICP OES

ICP OES Spectrometer

Analyseur à combustion & absorption infrarouge carbone et soufre

Carbon and sulfur infrared combustion & absorption analyser


PH meter

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