Microstructural analyzes

Microstructural analyzes

Sophie Auclerc

Sophie Auclerc

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Thanks to its significant experience in the study of materials and finished products, control and expertise, SFC supports manufacturers in the analysis of their materials.
The analysis laboratory offers a wide range of equipment regularly renewed and checked.

  • Identification and quantification of mineralogical phases
  • Measurements of crystallite sizes, graphitization rates
  • Identifications of crystal lattices
  • Observations of sectional and / or surface samples
  • Measurements of particle sizes, diameters and fiber lengths
  • Coating thickness measurements
  • Total porosity measurements (open and closed)
  • 3D reconstruction of a surface
  • Microstructural observations of a sectional and / or surface sample
  • The location of the geographical distribution of chemical elements
  • Local-off chemical analyzes (volume: 1 μm3) or scanning (volume: 10x20x1 μm²)
  • Dimensional analyzes
  • Defect studies on pieces
  • Microstructural comparisons of materials (new product / deteriorated product)
  • Surface composition studies (search for pollutants)
  • Product damage studies (corrosion, oxidation mechanisms, etc.)
  • Benchmarking studies
  • Deformulation studies
  • Analytical development
  • Development of test methods
  • Training on the methods developed
  • Validations of methods transferable to the client
  • Regulatory survey

The tests proposed by SFC’s teams are carried out with reference to French, European or international standards or regulations, or according to specifications defined with its customers.

Microscope optique en réflexion équipé d’une caméra CCD

Microsonde de Castaing

Diffractomètre de rayons X

Loupe binoculaire équipée d’une caméra CCD

Microscope Electronique à Balayage équipé EDS et WDS

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