Floor coverings

Floor coverings

Audrey Deville

Audrey Deville

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Thanks to its long-time experience in the characterization of materials and finished products, SFC supports several industrial sectors in the qualification of their products through tests to determine their properties, their quality and to assess their performance at every step of their lifecycle.

Essais flexion carreaux

Find all the services of SFC’s test platform for floor coverings in its full catalog (in French) .

Essai flexion sol carreau carrelage

Three point bending tests

Mesure carreaux carrelage

FARO® three-dimensional analysis

Possible type of analysis: 3D specimen inspections, specimen certifications, CAD comparisons, dimensional analyzes, etc.


Portable 8-axis measurement.
Fast 3D measurement.
Reliability of work.

Essai glissance receveur carreaux carrelage

Level and torsion-free platformand pendulum SRT (Slip Resistance Test)

Verification of product conformity in accordance with XP CEN / TS 16165 and NF EN 13036-4 standards.
Normalized value of slip resistance.

Essai choc thermique carreaux carrelage

Bench of frost resistance test

Capacity: 0.5 m3.
Temperature regulation: between -5 ° C and + 5 ° C.
Verification of product conformity in accordance with standard NF EN 10545-12.


Control by programmable logic controller.

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