Insulating containers for domestic use

Insulating containers for domestic use

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With continuous innovations in the tableware sector, SFC has expanded its field of expertise in other materials such as insulating containers for domestic use.
These products are intended to store or transport food (solid or liquid) without heating or cooling it, anytime and anywhere. For this, they must meet the following European standards requirements:

NF EN 12546-1
Insulating containers, bottles and decanters: specification for vacuum ware, insulated flasks and jugs

  • Suitability for pouring
  • Stability
  • Heat loss
  • Thermal shock
  • Stopper leakage resistance
  • Seal leakage resistance
  • Impact resistance
  • Stability of the handle

NF EN 12546-2
Insulating bags and boxes

  • Capacity
  • Insulation performance
  • Impact resistance
  • Handle strength resistance
  • Seepage test (Ability to clean)
  • Marking and labeling

NF EN 12546-3
Thermal packs

  • Adhesion of the surface coatings
  • leak resistance
  • Resistance under load
  • Thermal shock
  • Impact resistance
  • Punching resistance
  • Marking and labeling